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MOTHER EARTH Bamboo Everyday Napkins

  • Choose our 100% bamboo napkins as an alternative to traditional paper options. They are minimally processed and support the reduction of extensive tree cutting.
  • Our dinner napkins are free from chemicals and additives, arriving in entirely plastic-free packaging, reflecting our commitment to minimizing waste.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY OCCASION - This set includes 50 square napkins, suitable for a variety of events. Each light brown napkin measures 6.5x6.5 inches when folded and 13x13 inches when unfolded. They are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to dinner parties, barbecues, and daily family meals.
  • SOFT, STRONG, & SUPER ABSORBENT - Crafted from bamboo, these napkins are not only durable but also exceptionally absorbent. The 2-ply design ensures a gentle touch against the skin while being sturdy enough to handle any spill.
  • PERFECT FOR SOCIAL EVENTS - Enhance your social gatherings with our versatile napkins. Their attractive appearance makes them ideal for use as table settings at parties, family dinners, or as practical coasters and serving aids for finger foods.